Programme Detail

Conflict Management

Dates: 12-13 July,2018
Location: Mumbai
Description: Our programme will help you to understand the importance of & establish trust also how to manage conflicts and resistance at work by building rapport to gain support from colleagues.
Programme Coverage: • Principle of Effective Communication
• Importance of communication with Stake Holders
• Importance of Professional relationships
• Importance of Building Rapport & Trust
• Reason for Conflicts arising and their characteristics
• Conflict Resolution Styles
• Principles Of Influencing Strategies
• Dealing with resistive behaviors
• Giving & receiving Feedback
download the brochure for complete details and coverage
Who should attend: • Senior Executives of a Team/Function
• People Managers
• Standalone Executives (having substantial cross-functional dealings and interactions)
• Client Relationship Managers
• Vendor Managers
Faculty: Ramya Raman
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